Rock Scrambling Adventures 

SCRAM*BLE  {verb}

To make one's way quickly or awkwardly up a steep slope or over rough terrain by using one's hands as well as one's feet.

If climbing and clawing your way up and down a pile of rocks and boulders amidst breathtaking scenery is your idea of a honeymoon then you may decide to stay thru your first anniversary.

This one-of-a-kind experience caters to those adventurous minded individuals looking for a unique challenge and a memorable event. (Makes an excellent TEAM BUILDING activity for bonding and building trust among friends and co-workers)

Whether it's scrambling deep into the canyons over creek bed boulders or scampering up massive sandstone rocks to reach the summit, this exciting activity will certainly bring out the kid in you while at the same time continuously offer you an entertaining and rewarding workout.

*This adventure does require a certain level of athleticism (balance & coordination) but for those seeking that incomparable challenge it will be one matchless experience to remember. 

We recommend removing all rings, bracelets and watches before scrambling.

RED ROCK CANYON........why scramble anyplace else?

Rock Scrambling from Hike This! Las Vegas on Vimeo.

HIKE THIS!  is licensed and permitted for activities in Red Rock Canyon through Clark County and the Bureau of Land Management. (BLM)
Please contact the BLM (702) 515-5000 or Red Rock Canyon visitor center (702) 515-5350 when considering any guide or outfitter to confirm that they are indeed licensed, permitted and insured for conducting outdoor activities in Red Rock Canyon or on BLM land.